The Fanta37 is a very diverse, fairly surprising type of gamer.

He's usuall type of gameplay varies from day to day and, after playing the first game of the day with him, will not change his style of play for one whole day.

So the first game of the day is a kind of focus to him, which can give the other players an access of what type of gamer he is for this day.

Types of Gameplay:Edit

The 4 types of gamer are as followed:

- The notorious "try not to feed but still do" Feeder:

He tries and tries and tries but still is not able to not get killed. Also, he's acting like he is playing his char for the very, very first time and/or acting like a complete fool.

He also gets himself killed, not only by doing silly stuff but also by trying to help save other champions lifes by sacrificing himself (although the other champ might have done something awfull stupid)

- The Grennman (see Grennman Wiki-Entry):

Farming all around the map and appearing at the main fights at the moment, allmost everybody of his team is killed so that he can get some kills, by executing the enemy champions with 50-100 HP

- The Fairly Good, but not Imba Typ:

He's not trying hard or playing lame, but he is good enough to not stand in the way of his team. Mostly he will not getting killed before Lvl 8-11 and he also will get some early kills.Altough he will get some kills in the late game, he will still not be the master player with the most kills. But you can see him having about the Number 1 oder 2 most assists of the game

- The Evelynn Typ:

To be continued


Anything goes. Shen or Karthus for the Fairly Good, but not Imba Typ. Twitch or Twisted Fate for The notorious "try not to feed but still do" Feeder. But in general, every Hero is capable of performing the first 3 Typs of Gameplay