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Doing a Grennman is stealing a deathblow in League of Legends while playing like a Vollhonk. Getting a kill with just doing the last hit can also be called a classic Grennman. The extendend Grennman is stealing more than one deathblow in a row.

The average Grennman can be found in the jungle killing neutral monsters while his lane mates are dying to a superiour number of enemies pushing the lane. But if a Grennman senses an easy deathblow it can lure him out of the jungle.

With missions like "Lurching", "Pushing", "Ganking" or any other teamplay the average Grennman is overstrained and will feed instead.

It's important to add, that a Grennman also favors getting his teammates killed and/or lurking them into massiv danger, as long as he can get some easy kills by doing so.


The average Grennman is playing Heroes like Tryndamere, Poppy or Fiddlesticks which grant him the possibility by their abilites to do a classic Grennman. Most people starting with some classic Grennmans are getting addicted by their statistics.